Sore Muscle And Joint Ointment 2 fl. oz.

sweet marjoram essential oil
sweet marjoram essential oil
Origin: Banff, Alberta Ingredients:  carrier oils: castor and jojoba oils.     essential oils: Rosemary, Lemongrass, Juniperberry.


Our renowned Sore Muscle & Joint Ointment is used by the Canadian National Cross-country ski team as an anti-inflammatory and circulatory aid for muscle soreness and post injury relief. It is also especially effective for gout, arthritic and rheumatic complaints.
Therapeutic properties and used for:
antiseptic, arthritis, astringent, circulatory aid, gout, inflammation, rheumatism.


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    I fell on my shoulder while snowboarding and could barely lift my arm above my head. A few drops of this oil massaged in to my shoulder/upper arm gave instant relief and I was able to stretch out without any pain at all.

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    Thank you Alisha! We are always happy to help!

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